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We have a winning design!

joricam launched a logo design contest on Guerra Creativa and received 48 designs from 13 designers

The winning design was submitted by alemi

Award: 101 USD

End Date: 29/04/2011 10:04 (UTC 0)


Start Date: 19/04/2011 10:04

Status: Closed


Contest Type: Public


Guaranteed: No


Blind: No

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Business Name:
Bodybuilding Supplements Logo
Physical Fitness
Description of business:
Online ecommerce sports supplements shop
Target audience:
Very broad base of audience. All kinds of athletes, no muscle freaks, thats a minority actually. Casual guy who goes 3 times a week to the gym, likes technology and to take care of his body in a healthy way. Proactive, thinker, looking for guidance, researching what to by. Logo must inspire imidiate confidance and professionalism
I like it like this, logo must contain the word "" "suplementos" and "pt" must be clearly distinguishabel, maybe integrating a silhuete of a bodybuilder in a clever way to write ".com", that would be really clever.

Try to keep it in that color scheme, but you can add blue.
Not Wanted:
Too many colors, no iron weights, no diet pills, no green leafs, no plants, no supplement silhuet
Additional Comments:
Hi, I'm starying out, I'm sorry for the low budget, I need a revision of my logo